Apple MacBook Pro-The Premium Laptop

Apple MacBook Pro-Premium Laptop

The flagship laptops by Apple, MacBook Pro cousins – MacBook Pro 15.4 inch and MacBook Pro 13.3 inch are the most popularly sold laptops in the industry. Although a high-end device,  Apple MacBook Pro 15.4 is highly sought after by students and professionals alike, irrespective of their needs.

Apple MacBook Pro

These latest, third-generation laptops continue to build upon the design strengths of the previous Apple generations. Like its predecessor, pro has a unibody design which means the laptop casing is made from a single block of aluminum. The most significant changes in the third generation MacBook Pro laptops are 1) the use of Retina display with a substantial higher resolution, 2) the substitution of hard disk drives with solid-state drives, and 3) the removal of optical drive.

Key Features and Design:

  1. Retina Display

The most distinguishing feature of the Apple MacBook Pro 15.4 is the high definition display popularly known as Retina display. The stunning Apple MacBook Pro 15.4 laptop with retina display provides a gorgeous view with crisp and stunning visuals. The hi-tech retina screen makes it impossible for the naked eye to distinguish between two pixels on the screen. This high resolution display of 2,880×1, 800 pixels rivals the glossy print of magazine papers. This feature is particularly useful for photo and video editing professionals.

  1. Performance

MacBook Pro 15.4 inch laptop is a beast of a machine and has a performance second to none. Underneath the hood is the 2.5 G-Hz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with a 2GB video memory and 16GB RAM. This level of raw processing power gives the MacBook Pro a Geekbench 3 rating of 14423, the highest in it class and well ahead of the Dell XPS that comes a distant second at 11816.

3D titles and complex optical processing can be performed very efficiently on the MacBook pro 15.4. Graphic rendering and photo-editing jobs are a cakewalk on MacBook Pro as compared to other laptops.

  1. Battery Life

 Often, the performance of laptops is compromised by giving up either the battery life or some other key feature that is not the case with MacBook Prolaptop. It has an impressive battery life of over 9 hours. In contrast, the average battery life of other laptops in this same category is a meagre 5 and a half hours.

  1. User-Focused Design

 As with other Apple products, the product is a result of Apple’s “user first” design principle. A lot of emphasis is placed on user experience and it is evident in the laptop design including the retina display. The force touch trackpad, backlit chiclet keyboard, and the seamless body are all elements of the great design.

  1. Software

Apple can hardly be called just the hardware company. Building upon homegrown software, Apple can seamlessly integrate hardware and software to provide for an unmatched user interface. The latest operating system on MacBook Pro, OS X Yosemite is highly integrated with other Apple devices, iPhone and iPad, thus enabling the user to access data easily on a number of shared devices and enhancing the overall user experience.

Things to Consider

1. Price

 MacBook pro 15.4 is a premium product. Based on the configuration you choose, it can cost anywhere between $1,999 up to $3,200. If you need other peripherals such as external monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc. then those will be an additional cost. The MacBook pro is definitely not for the budget conscious user.but one of the best laptops for photo editing

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In addition, the repairs tend to be expensive as well. Apple sells extended warranty on all its devices, but the labor and replacement parts are generally pricier than the Windows based laptops.

2. Retina Display

 While the retina display provides a gorgeous screen, not all applications appear very clear on it. Older applications can appear blurry.

3. Hardware Upgrade

 The upgrading of the hardware components such as RAM, battery and hard disk is not possible with the MacBook pro 15.4 laptop as the components are all hard-wired during the time of manufacture. It is important to decide on the hardware configuration at the time of purchase itself.

Although the MacBook pro 15.4 review from all sources has generally been favorable, it is important to note that the product is pricy and is not meant for the masses. Apple MacBook pro 15.4 laptop with retina display is a premium product. While it is very popular among professionals such as photographers, designers, video makers and app developers, a lot of students and casual users have been drawn towards it due to the Apple brand-name, and its best-in-class design features.