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Buy Dell Inspiron i7559-7512GRY-Laptop for Photo Editing

Buy Dell Inspiron i7559-7512GRY-Best Laptop for Photo Editing

Do you own a laptop and use it extensively for personal use and for work? If yes, you must have good processor speed, great RAM capacity and huge storage space. You laptop must also be sleek, compact, and lightweight, so that you can carry it around with ease. If your laptop doesn’t meet all these requirements, it is time for a change. You could consider the latest from Dell Computers and buy the Dell Inspiron i7559-7512GRY.

Dell Inspiron i7559-7512GRY

This laptop has pretty great features which would give you a new and exciting computing experience which makes it a worthwhile investment. Read further to know about the features and specifications.

Technical Specifications

  • Dell Inspiron i7559-7512GRY laptop has a 15.6″ touch-screen display with an Ultra HD resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. This means impressive color and picture quality.
  • The processor speed is 2.6 GHz clock speed.
  • The Intel Quad Core i7-6700HQ processor in this laptop is supported by NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics card.
  • The video memory is of 4GB and makes playing high definition games an amazing experience.
  • The system memory is 16GB ensures that there is no lag in high specification programs.
  • The storage space is huge with 1TB hard drive and 128 GB solid state drive.
  • It is sleek, compact  and weighs around 4.5 pounds (2.1 kg)
  • It has a touch screen as well as options to use keyboard and mouse.

With this powerful processor gaming and video editing would be a breeze. This is the laptop for photo editing too. The processor speed makes editing photos and videos a fun task and the high definition screen makes the images crystal clear.

Laptop for Photo Editing

Other Stunning Features

The Dell Inspiron i7559-7512GRY laptop has latest features which provide you with great speed and memory. The laptop has a 15.6 Truelife LED Backlit 4K Ultra HD display that’s bright, attractive and offers stunning colors and contrast. It does not pixelate easily as the screen is of 15.6” and the screen has a good 4K resolution.

The Dell Inspiron laptop comes in a beautiful black color with a matte finish featuring gray. It is completely plastic but very sturdy. Though it is not stylish like its metal bodied counterparts, it does its job quite well and is not high maintenance.

The touch screen totally changes the way to you edit photos or videos and play games. It also has the latest Windows 10 operating system and the 4K resolution works best in this environment. You can also make use of the keyboard and the mouse, but the touch screen makes navigating easier and user friendly.

The manufactures claim that it has crystal clear audio and makes use of Waves MaxxAudio to provide great quality music for your videos, games and music. The sub woofer technology built into this laptop provides beautiful and clear audio that is definitely a great feature for a laptop in this category. You can also make use of external speakers and enjoy great music from movies or games.

Your gaming experience in this laptop will leave you amazed as the resolution is high and the processor speed is high. There is very quick response and almost no lagging. This laptop also serves as the laptop for photo editing because of its great speed and ultra high definition features. You can do video editing and photo editing like a pro.

The battery life is exceptional with a 6-cell 74Whr battery which provides at least 6 hours of charger free time. Enjoy no interruptions due to low charge while playing your favorite videos or games. The Intel Core i7 6700HQ processor chip offers great CPU power and provides 2.6GHz of performance. The 6700HQ takes up any load of graphics and performance which is a pretty good feature.

The cooling fans in the Dell Inspiron i7559-7512GRY are very quiet and work fine even under intense processing conditions. Even after extended use, the Inspiron stays quiet and does not become scorching hot.

Comparison with Other Versions

  • The Dell Inspiron i7559-7512GRY laptop is an upgraded version of Dell 15.6” gaming laptop. It takes the gaming and video experience to the next level.


  • Comparatively, the Dell Inspiron laptop is lighter than the gaming version and has a core i7 processor whereas the gaming laptop is almost 2 pounds heavier with an i5 processor.


  • Both use Windows 10 and the same graphics processor which is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5.


  • The RAM is higher in the Dell Inspiron laptop – 16GB whereas the gaming laptop has only 8GB RAM.

 The Dell Inspiron i7559-7512GRY is definitely better when compared with the Dell 15.6” gaming laptop in terms of the performance but the former is not specifically designed for gaming alone.

When choosing a laptop or if you are planning to upgrade your current laptop, consider all the features like processor speed, RAM, external memory, resolution, screen size and cost. The Dell Inspiron i7559-7512GRY ,laptop for photo editing,would be a great buy without burning a hole in your pocket.




Asus Zenbook UX301 – Super Advanced Ultrabook

Asus Zenbook UX301 – Advanced Ultrabook

The evolution of the PC industry has arrived to its latest phase – the Ultrabook. They are widely used as a replacement for tablets and notebooks. The ultra-books are highly portable devices with a very sleek design and a lightweight frame. However, the sleekness does not compromise the battery, power or performance of the laptop. Among the various models of ultra-books available in the market, Asus Zenbook UX301 stands out as a promising option for the consumers.

Asus Zenbook UX301

Below are the Key Features of the UX301:

  1. Design

The Zenbook series from Asus was one of the first laptops in the market with slim and tapered design. The Zenbook UX301 model sports a gorilla glass lid. This is a very unique design feature since gorilla glass tends to be very strong and scratch resistant. It also provides an incredibly glossy and classy look to the laptop.

Few other notable design elements include the click pad style touch pad comparable to MacBook touchpads, matte black plastic interiors and chiclet style keyboard.

  1. Performance

Asus Zenbook UX301 has the highest performance in its class. Based on a rating by Geekbench 3, UX301 scored 6862 while the average for the category was 4405.

The high performance of Zenbook is a result of the 2.8 G-Hz Intel Core i7 low voltage processor, 16GB of RAM and 128GB of solid state drive.

  1. Display and Screen

TheUX301 has a stunning 2560 x 1440 resolution WQHD display on a 13.3 inches screen. Videos and photos are rendered in sharp and stunning images with spectacular details. They display crisp colors with the IPS technology used in the laptop. The brightness on the laptop is among the best in its class. This results in a very high contrast display with a high definition 1080p glare free display.

Unlike some of its competitors, the UX301 Zenbook also has a multi-touch screen. The combination of the touch form factor along with the sleek design makes the UX301 Zenbook rival some of the tablets.

  1. Portability

The Zenbook UX301 is an ultra-thin and light device. It weighs approximately 2.6 pounds and measures 12.8 x 8.8 x 0.6 inches. Such small dimensions are a highly desired feature of the Zenbook that makes it portable.

  1. Voice Commands

The laptop allows users to access the machine via their voice. Using a powerful speech recognition software, Nuance-powered Dragon Assistant, the Zenbook provides for a unique hands-free experience to the users. The software is very powerful and highly accurate.

  1. Software

The ultra-book runs on the Windows 8 and Windows 10 platforms. It can run the apps available on the Windows app store. In addition, there are Asus developed apps and third party apps that are available to the Zenbook UX301.

  1. Ports

There are plenty of ports available on the UX301 Zenbook. Two USB 3.0 ports, mini-display ports, mini-HDMI, headphone jacks, and a SD card reader are part of the standard configuration. These multiple ports provide the users an option to connect to multiple peripheral devices at the same time.

Things to Consider

  1. Price

This Ultrabook costs just under $2,000 USD and is one of the most expensive and high-end ultra-books available in the market. This is a result of the premium components such as gorilla glass that makeup the product.

  1. Battery life

One of the main selling points of any Ultrabook is the long battery life. However, the UX301 Zenbook performs poorly in this category. With a battery life of under 8 hours, Zenbook has the lowest battery life among the ultra-books. This is a major setback of the Zenbook that specifically focuses on portability.

  1. Display

While the stunning display is a key feature of Zenbook UX301, it has few drawbacks as well. Windows app store currently does not include any apps that support the WQHD high resolution sported by the Zenbook. Certain colors appear to be tinted as opposed to the natural color when compared with other laptops, including the MacBook. In addition, the Zenbook has narrow viewing angles that result in less than optimal user experience.

  1. Another minor annoyance is the smudge attracting gorilla glass that is highly susceptible to fingerprints and other stains that makes the screen look shabby.

Bottom Line

This Ultrabook is a premium price product. Based on the user needs, there are plenty of products to choose from but Zenbook UX301 seems to be the choice for those looking for beauty, class and performance. If you are looking for a robust, scratch-resistant, slim and portable best laptop for photo editing and for all-purpose applications, then UX301 is the best option with the only caveat being a slightly lower battery life.

Best Laptop for Photo Editing